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If you are looking for outstanding toning stomach exercises and you are hoping to find a large total of data on respective types of crunches and abs exercises to do, then you need to re-educate yourself in order to get a flat stomach. Doing crunches and abs exercises alone won’t give you specified abs. You may do crunch after crunch but may never see any results because your stomach may be concealed by fat and you may only concentrate on your exercise that you forget regarding your diet.

Although doing a large total of crunches will support a bit, you need to burn body fat likewise to actually begin seeing a difference. Together with this you have to include some cardio, weight training and follow a healthful diet.

The firstborn thing you need to know is that you can’t spot train. When you spot train you limit the success you will achieve and also put yourself at danger of injuries. If you are only doing abs exercises and are limiting your exercise to just that, you won’t see any substantial results. This is because your abs may still be concealed by layers of stomach fat. Only when you train your whole body evenly will you begin seeing any results. Here is how you may do that:

So without further ado, here are the three best toning stomach exercises that will give you that sleek sexy abs you’ve been dreaming about.

1. Weight training.

The best way to train for fat loss is unquestionably weight training. This is because when you train with weights you build more muscle. Your body burns a lot of calories by building muscles, and this calorie burning proceed for eight hours after you’ve stopped doing weight training. You will never tone you abs if it’s still concealed by a layer of a fat. You must get rid of that layer of fat firstborn before you may get started thinking of toning. This makes weight training the best toning stomach exercises by far because it burns fat and build lean body mass.

2. Yoga, kickboxing or Pilates

You may think that I’m crazy for including yoga, kickboxing and Pilates as toning stomach exercises. But listen to this, exercises like yoga, kickboxing and Pilates strengthens your core (your abs and hip stabilizers) and with a strong core, your abs will look tight and toned.

Another gain of yoga, kickboxing and Pilates is that it is a great way to reduce stress. When you are stressed, your body formulates much more cortisol that usually. An excess production of cortisol leads to fat being stored in the tummy area. So by doing yoga, kickboxing and Pilates, you lower your stress levels and you will have a flatter and more toned tummy in return.

3. Abs crunches

And lastly we come to abs exercises. I mention it last because it ought to be your primary priority to keep the fat portion of your tummy in tact if you ever want to see the results of all the hard work you put into your toning stomach exercises.

Here are a list of the best toning stomach exercises you may do for all your stomach muscles, according to The American Council on Exercise’s study to determine the most effective abs exercises. These exercises are the most effective at targeting your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques at the same time. Now that’s what I call multi tasking. Listed in order of effectiveness:

  • The bicycle maneuver- The American council voted this the number one exercise for toning your tummy.
  • The captains chair abs crunch
  • The exercise ball.
  • The vertical leg crunch and last but not least
  • The long arm crunch.

So if your goal is to tone your tummy into a lean mean fat burning machine or just to get a toned sleek tummy, your best bet is to make weight training your new best friend (just don’t over train), to stress less by doing a lot of relaxing exercises like Yoga and Pilates and then when you’ve concentered on letting down your body fat, you may comprise the above abs toning exercises to make all your attempts more worthwhile.

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates

Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness! Get the best of both worlds and the most for your crusade with this winning combination: calorie-burning cardio along with Pilates-based toning. Impact safe yet so effective, it maximizes your fat-burning potential. You’ll start out with easy-to-follow cardio that skillfully mixes dance and low affect cardio with standing Pilates-inspired moves into one procedure to challenge your aerobic fitness, improve your posture and put you more in touch with the power of your “core.” Then, kick off your shoes and hit the floor to tighten and tone your favored body parts, including abs, butt and thighs. Get long, lean, sexy muscles with our series of Pilates mat exercises, sure to give you a year-round bikini body! For more immediate results than Pilates alone, this combo workout may aid you sculpt your body AND burn fat! For all fitness levels. A mat or rug and bare feet are highly commended for the Pilates floorwork.

“Calorie burning cardio plus Pilates-based toning,” promises this 40-minute Crunch program, which combines Pilates-influenced standing and mat exercises. In the cardio section, instructor Ellen Barrett uses Pilates terminology (e.g. “standing imprint”) as she adapts Pilates moves to rather repetitious standing exercises–mostly squats and leg lift variations–which work the core muscles of the abdominals and back as well as legs, thighs, and buttocks. The moves are now and then slow and seldom “travel,” so your heart rate might not stay elevated, altho your lower body and core muscles will get a good workout. The toning division comprises of Pilates mat exercises which work abs, back, thighs, and buttocks. One exerciser demonstrates having little impact modifications. The background music is overshadowed by a lively drummer who keeps the workout upbeat and enthusiastic. –Joan Price

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5Change Your Body with this Workout Gem
By Rebecca Johnson
“Have fun, work hard and get ready to change your body.” ~Ellen Barrett

Ellen has created an energetic, highly creative routine to encourage you to develop long, lean sexy muscles. This workout is also filled with intense leg work and you will burn those calories. In fact, the first time I did this workout, I broke into a full-body sweat which I guess is a good thing and has rarely happened when using workout DVDs. I had no idea that a Pilates workout could bring that type of intensity to my day.

Ellen is an excellent instructor who is not only highly creative; she keeps you focused on perfect posture. She has cute names for various moves, like angel arms or elegant arms. She adds a real sexy feminine touch to this workout all while subtly motivating you to a heightened level of determination.

The routine starts with a Dance-based cardio routine. Ellen incorporates Pilates moves into a low-impact, but rather fast-paced (nothing is slow, let me tell you) cardio section. The warm-up is quite effective and by the time you do the stretching, you are warm enough for the stretching to count. If you have knee problems, this might not be for you. I noticed that as you become stronger, you can handle the knee bends in this workout. I could not have handled these moves a few months ago. Ellen focuses on the “powerhouse” throughout both sections.

The second mat-based Pilates Floorwork Routine is best done in bare feet and a yoga mat is quite useful. You start flat on your back, which feels good after all the dancing. She starts with the “hundred” with a focus on breathing. Then, you move to scissors, single-leg pull, double-leg stretch, crisscross and back extensions.

If you are familiar with Jennifer Kries’ workouts or Winsor Pilates, this will all be very familiar to you. A new move is the “arrowhead” which I’ve never seen in any workout before. This workout also includes the Child’s pose from yoga. The hip circles are challenging, but there are modifications.

Chapter Selections:

Pilates Steps and Imprints
Angel Arms and Pilates Pushups
The Hundred and Oblique CrissCross
Back Extensions
Reclining Twists and Forward Bends

Lime green/Periodot, purple/Amethyst, orange/Citrine, red/Ruby are the colors you will find in this workout. The stone textured floor and wall in the back give this workout an almost primitive-dance feel. Of course the cute drummer on the left at the back of the room adds to the appeal. The sapphire yoga mats add to this jewel-toned set.

You will love the music in this workout because it changes in intensity just when you need an extra boost of energy. I’m watching this again while typing and I can hardly sit here because I just want to go do this routine again. The music is highly motivational.

Crunch: Fat-Burning Pilates might just be the Pilates workout you have been craving. It truly will leave you feeling more alive, polished and definitely glowing. After finishing this workout, you might start to feel a sense of tranquility, have more passion for your life and think more clearly throughout your day.

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Winsor Pilates is also perfect for anyone who is just learning the Pilates moves.

Books for additional research:

Jennifer Kries Pilates Plus Method
Ultimate Pilates by Dreas Reyneke

~The Rebecca Review

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5An Engaging Workout
By Bastet
This was my first journey into Pilate’s and I loved it. The video is fast paced, but not too complicated. I’ve been doing the routine six days a week for the last three weeks and I am already seeing results. The combinations are interesting and the routine it engaging enough to make you want to start exercising. I feel much more energized now and I notice how my body feels toned and active. I would recommend this video to people looking to start a routine that will keep them motivated to exercise.

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4A light cardio routine combined with brief Pilates matwork
By Beth Cholette
Fat-Burning Pilates consists of two separate routines: a 26-minute cardiovascular workout (the “fat-burning” part) followed by 14-minutes of matwork (the “Pilates” part). The cardio section is Pilates-inspired in that instructor Ellen Barrett frequently reminds you to keep your abdominal core area tight, and she also adapts a few traditional Pilates floor exercises to be performed in a standing position. Overall, however, this segment consists of standard, low-impact aerobics moves such as squats, knee lifts, step-touch, and also some ballet-inspired exercises. Although this part of the workout is fast-paced enough to raise your heart rate, given the extended warm-up period (7 minutes) as well the low-intensity nature of the movements, advanced beginner to intermediate exercisers will probably find this to be a light aerobic workout at best. The cardio section concludes with two short sets of Pilates-style pushups.

Following the cardio workout, you move to the floor for more traditional Pilates matwork. Ellen begins with The Hundred and continues with moves from the classic Pilates stomach series. However, she also adds her own twists to many of the Pilates exercises as well as suggests easier modifications. Most of this section is performed while lying on your back, but there are a few exercises done from stomach down, kneeling, and seated positions (none of the Pilates side kick series exercises are included). This entire section went by very quickly, and at the same time, my core felt challenged by only a few of the movements.

Ellen is a likeable, friendly instructor who provides good form pointers, but she frequently fails to adequately cue new movements, which makes it initially difficult to learn some of the moves. The workout is performed on the standard Crunch set with a room full of about 10 participants. In addition to the background music, there is a live drummer on set; some other reviewers didn’t like the drummer, but I found him to be an interesting, non-distracting element. Overall, this is a nice workout for those who enjoy blended routines and who are looking for some fresh twists on the traditional Pilates exercises.

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Crunch Fat Burning Pilates

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates Pic

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates Photo

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates Image

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates Image

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates Pic

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates Photo

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